La Giara Bar & Restaurant                                                                                            501 Third Avenue NYC     


Mon -Weds.Noon to 11:00pm

Thurs- Fri   Noon to 11:30pm

Saturday    11am to 11:30pm

Sunday      11am to 10:30pm

About Us

Our restaurant name was originally borrowed from the Italian dramatist Luigi Pirandello's short story titled La Giara.

A "Giara, Jar in English, is a storage container, cylindrical in shape, typically made of earthenware very common in the Mediterranean area.

It seemed to us that a "Giara" would be the perfect symbol of the rustic, genuine world of the Italian peasants from which our cuisine takes inspiration.

La Giara opened in April of 1997 and it has been a fixture in the restaurant scene of Murray Hill ever since, gaining good reviews and increasing recognition by the press and the public,
At La Giara you will discover the pleasures of authentic and uncompromising Italian regional cuisine.

A tavola.